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Sherry Salito-Forsen
Hal Forsen
(949) 498-6489
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  A lifetime fascination with form, color and texture have been refined over the years into the current artworks created in my studio. Assisted by my talented husband, together we strive to create works that convey a sense of peace and tranquility

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I realize that most of the art on our site has sold, hopefully it gives you an idea of some of the work we have done.
If there is a piece that you like and it has sold,I might be able to create a similar piece. ​

Commissions Welcome
Sherry & Hal 
[email protected]

"A Touch of Scarlet" approx 25 1/2" tall 22 1/2" dia $2800.00
'Passionate" Sold
"Zen Moment" approx. 23" w x 37" t x 8"d
"Tranquil Sunset" approx. 25 1/2" t x 22 1/2" w x 6"d-Sold
"Peaceful Moments" approx. 26"w x 
36 "t  Available 4800.00
"Wabi Sabi" approx. 17"w x 27"t x6"d
'The Journey" Sold
"Quiet Evening" approx. 25 1/2" tall x 22 1/2 " w x6"d -SOLD
"The Journey Green"
approx. 25 1/2 inches tall (Sold)
Silent Pagoda approx 18" w x 27" tall
Wall Art and Freestanding